The Orlando ProjectS

Q: What kind of crowd?

A: All are welcome.

Currently the biggest response has been from the Klal Chassidi in BP, however our  goal is to build a beautiful community for  everyone so if you want your community there, bring your friends & family.

Q: In what area will we be located?

A: We are currently in contact with multiple realtors & looking into multiple locations, as soon as we have updates (hopefully the following week) we will update you.

To follow the updates please fill out the                              form on the home page.

Q: Is there a timetable?

A: Rather than fit a square peg into a round hole we have decided to build from the ground up, it is self evident that this is an enormous undertaking, this will take time but we want to do it right so that every community, family, individuals needs and concerns are taken into account.

We are putting a lot of effort so that we can get a timetable out to you, please be patient as we navigate these challenges.

Q: Is this related to the Tampa project?

A: This is not related to the Tampa project, however as Tampa is within an hour & a half drive we feel both projects will compliment each other.

Q: Are there any Rabbanim involved?

A: We are in talks with multiple Rabbanim.

If you are from a specific community and would like to join as a community with your Rav & have your own Shul as well as discuss a group discount please                .

Q: How many families?

A: The goal is a minimum of one thousand families!

Q: What about a high-school & Yeshiva Ketana?

A: We wrongfully assumed that families with teenage children would not be ready to make the move, we couldn't have been more wrong. As such moving forward the plan will include a high-school & Yeshiva Ketana.

Q: Who is behind this project?

A: We are a group of entrepreneurs with experience in finance, construction & development that are ready to take the dive so that we all get the chance at having a better life.

Q: What are the price options?

A: The objective is $300k - $500k with customization available.

If your question or concern has not been addressed please message us again

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